Basic Site

Who would benefit most from my Site2go website setup service?

Site2go is the smart choice for freelance consultants, creative agencies and service providers of all shapes and sizes. It’s also great choice for bricks and morter businesses that want a contemporary look and feel online.

If this is the service for you, go straight to my contact page and get in touch.

What would your site look like?

Monochrome Pro Theme
Lifestyle Pro Theme
Hello Pro Theme
The Daily Dish Pro Theme
The Parallax Pro Theme
The Magazine Pro Theme

For my “Basic Site” offering you can choose one of the six themes shown above. Providing you have enough content, your site would look similar to the StudioPress demo sites. You can add as many blog posts to your site as you wish after the site is set up. BUT! Please note, a Site2go site does not include WooCommerce or a shopping cart.

The problems my Site2go basic site setup service solves

  • My service removes the hassle of you having to setup your own WordPress website.
  • It saves you from having to learn a bunch of skills that you’d probably never use again after you’d set up your own site.
  • The licence for a premium StudioPress theme costs between $99 and $125. But I am allowed to use my licence to install any StudioPress theme on any complete website I build for any client, including yours. So you could save between $99 and $125.
  • I perform many little extra tasks that you might overlook if you setup your own website, such as setting up an email address or using a caching plugin to make your pages load faster.
  • Obviously there are many more reasons why it makes sense to employ me to set up your site rather than doing it yourself. But I hope this list gives you a taster.

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