FAQs: Frequently asked questions about your Site2go website

Basic needs: domain name and hosting

I always use the same web hosting company which means I can build your site fasted and therefore cheaper. Your web hosting and domain name will be set up with the same company that this website uses. However, you’ll probably choose a cheaper plan than I use.

WordPress: a solid foundation

WordPress is a solid foundation for you to build and grow your website upon. WordPress powers almost one third of all websites in the world. There are thousands of web designers who specialise in WordPress. And there are tens of thousands of ready made themes and plugins that you can use to extend WordPress. Site2go websites are built on WordPress.

High quality: StudioPress themes

StudioPress are one of the most well respected design studios in the world. I have a StudioPress licence which allows me to use one of the StudioPress themes to build your site. You can find out more on the themes page of the StudioPress website. This saves you between $99 and $129.

Low prices: why just 6 themes to choose from?

I’ve chosen popular themes or layouts that I can set up quickly and easily. This massively reduces the price. This enables me to provide an affordable alternative for micro, start-up and freelance businesses who need a website. Most small businesses can’t justify, and don’t need to spend, agency prices.

Google: what is search engine optimisation?

There are two basic elements to SEO. First you need to provide good quality content that potential customers or clients will find useful. Then make sure Google can find, read and understand that content. I can install a plugin on your website that helps you do this.

Training: you can easily add your own blog posts

Setting up your website initially is fairly complicated, that’s why it makes sense to employ someone like me to do the work for you. But once your site is built, adding new blog posts is surprisingly easy. Writing a blog post in WordPress is just as easy as writing a letter using Microsoft Word. And if you use categories and tags to organise your blog posts, your site visitors have an easy way to find just the posts they need. With WordPress you can reap big rewards from a small amount of training.

Free stock images: get them at Unsplash

But first I really must caution you. Don’t steal images, you will get caught! You can NOT just find images on other peoples websites and use them yourself. You must have the legal right to use every image on your site. Automatic software or called spiders will find and report any images taken from certain stock image libraries, potentially landing you in trouble. So before you use any image carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure it’s OK for you to use it.

Custom design: a bigger budget gives you more choice

My basic offering uses high quality off the peg themes. However, if you have a bigger budget and need a more customized layout choosing your own fonts and color scheme etc I can still help you out. Obviously a more customized approach is more expensive but if your business is bringing in a serious amount of money you want to look the part. Get in touch if you want to see how I can help.

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