This sounds too good to be true, is it for real?

Yes it’s for real, but I don’t know how long I can keep the price this low…

Site2go is a service specifically for people who are computer competent, but not experts. For example, if you can use Facebook and a word processor you could soon learn to update a WordPress web site. You’d need someone else to set the site up in the first place (me for-instance). But you should be fine adding new blog posts and web pages.

What would your site look like?

To keep the price to a minimum I use ready made website layouts. There are many styles to choose from with different colors and layout options.

Monochrome Pro Theme
Lifestyle Pro Theme
Hello Pro Theme

WordPress is like Microsoft Word for web design.

Once a WordPress website is set up, adding new blog posts or web pages is similar to making printed documents in a word processor. But there’s one big difference. Instead of pressing the print button you press the publish button. And your post or page is published to your website where everyone can view it.

How to write content – a simple guide

Why not set up your own site?

You can. But making your website look like the demo of the WordPress theme you chose is not easy. If you want a simple blog, the set up is relatively easy. But setting up a magazine style home page  or an agency style homepage is more difficult.

What do you get? In a nutshell…

First you buy some good quality web hosting. I don’t sell hosting. I’ll advise you which hosting to buy when you contact me. Please don’t buy hosting before contacting me, I only deal with a few good hosts.

After we’ve set up your hosting I can set up your website using a good quality theme, I’ll add your content to the site if you have some. If you don’t want to add the content yet I can set up your site with dummy content so that you can go in to each page and write your own content as you have the time.

I set up the site including four web pages, a blog section and navigation bars. You can then add blog posts or web pages to the site and build the site to any size you like.

Images and graphics.

Photos and graphics are a big part of your site. I add any images you provide at the time I set up your site. However, it’s up to you to provide any photos and graphics you need. I can sometimes provide some basic starter images for your site. But I highly recommend you acquire your own images as soon as your site starts to make money.

Training: isn’t running my own site going to be really complicated?

Most people find that adding new blog posts and web pages to their site is easier than they expected. Setting your site up initially is much more complicated but that’s why you pay me to do the work for you.

A free example video from

WP101 Video Training

WP101 Online video training.

I highly recommend that you invest in this video training. There are countless free websites and many books showing you how to use WordPress. But WP101 is the best way I know for you to learn the basic skills you need to maintain and update your WordPress site.

If anyone asks me how to do a simple WordPress task, I always tell them to watch a WP101 video. WP101 is not for experts, it’s for new users who want to learn all the basics. And they want to learn WordPress easily. The whole course is just one hour. Most videos are five minutes or less.

You can get started adding blog posts to your site after watching just two or three videos. You can get a cut down set of WP101 videos from several sites. If you want to know how, just ask when you contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction.


How do you write the content for your site?

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