Basic Site plus help with content

Many people find writing basic content for their website to be a real challenge, if you’re one of those people read on. Or if you’re ready, get in touch with Site2go.

My “Basic Site plus help with content” package includes everything in the Basic Site package. But I’ll also help you write content for the four main pages of your site.

The four main pages are…

  • Home
  • About us
  • Our Services
  • Contact us

But please remember, only you know what your business does. So you’ll still have to explain the basics facts to me.

Information you have to provide if you want me to help you write your website content…

  • Who you are
  • What service you provide
  • Who needs your service
  • What areas you cover (if you provide a physical service)
  • Your contact information

And if possible some unique before and after photos etc or other relevant photos of your business in action. If you’re brand new in business you could use Unsplash images. But whatever you do, keep a record of every image you use and be prepared to prove you have the legal right to use that image. You can NOT just find images on the internet to use. You must have the legal right to use them or you can and probably will be sued.

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