How to write an About Us page

Learn how to write an about us page that your customers and clients will love to read. Talk about your your skills, experience and passion. But focus on how your skills and passion build into a winning difference that makes you the best and most obvious choice.

Discovering how to write an about us page is easier than you might think

Just pick any item from this list that makes sense to you and write a paragraph or two about it. On your About Us page you want to come across as someone who is professional but easy to get on with.

  • Some things I enjoy about my job are:
  • I work with (home owners, businesses etc.):
  • These are some jobs I’m proud of:
  • My qualifications are:
  • I haven’t always had my own business, I used to be a:
  • This is the story of how the business started:
  • If you are the only local business that offers a particular product or service, what is it?:
  • I’m a member of some trade bodies, networking groups etc. This is the list:
  • This is a list of testimonials that suggest I’m easy to get on with:

In the text below I explain how I wrote a fictitious About Us page.

I hope it will show you how to write an about us page that works and that you’re proud of.

In this example I’ve chosen four items from the list above. I’ll write a paragraph or two about each item and then join the paragraphs together to build the content for my page.

  • This is the story of how the business started:
  • My qualifications are:
  • I’m a member of some trade bodies, networking groups etc. This is the list:
  • This is a list of testimonials that suggest I’m easy to get on with:

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About Us (an example)

After following my own how to write an about us page tutorial this is what I wrote for a fictitious flooring business.

Hi, I’m Fred, the senior fitter.

At Fred’s Flooring Services we fit all kinds of flooring and have many happy customer’s (see testimonials below).

We’re a small family business operating from our shop on Bridge street. Jean (my wife) runs the shop and we have two fully qualified carpet fitters, myself and Erik. We also have a trainee, Sam.

We fit flooring for home owners, buy to let landlords and local businesses such as restaurants and offices.

I’ve been in business for nine years, before that I worked for Carpet Kingdom where I gained several diplomas and certificates in carpet fitting, floor laying, health and safety and business studies.

How the business started
Working for a big firm has it’s advantages, I was a foreman at Carpet Kingdom and I had a great bunch of lads in my team. However, I’d always wanted to be my own boss and the chance came when I met Henry West. Henry built new homes as well as renovating what he called “homes with character”.

Henry was determined to give customers the very best in quality, so we had a lot in common. Henry promised me enough work for three months and so with my wife’s blessing, I started Fred’s Flooring. Henry gave me a lot of work when I first started up in business and he played a big part in getting Fred’s Flooring Services off the ground. My wife Jean and I were very grateful for that.

By the time Henry retired and sold Westerly Homes, my business was well established.

I now had a large list of customers and many of them were recommending me to their friends for which Jean and I are incredibly grateful.

Fred’s Flooring Services is a member of several guilds and associations.


Over the years many customers have given us testimonials and recommended us to their friends. Word of mouth recommendations are the life blood of small businesses, and we’re always grateful when people help us in this way.

Thanks to all the customer’s who’ve given us testimonials they’re much appreciated. These are a few from our collection.

“Thanks Fred, we always worry about employing tradesmen but you’ve been great to deal with. We got exactly what we wanted at the price you quoted.” Joan and Brian Hudson.

“Dear Jean, my cousin recommended your shop to us and we’re so glad she did. You were so patient with us in the shop, it took three visits to make up our minds. Erik and Sam did a great job of fitting the carpet. No gaps, no mess, no problems. Thanks.” Sally Rose.

“Fred did a great job. His quote was accurate and the flooring was in perfect condition when he finished, no scuffs or scratches. Fred is friendly but professional, we’d recommend him to anyone.”
Lucy and Claire.

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