How to write your Products and Services page

Discover how to write your Products and Services page for your small creative service, freelance or consulting business. We’ll focus on the basics: what you do, who you help, how much it costs and how they contact you. I’ve provided example text and lists of suggestions to help you get started fast.

The process we’re going to go through will show your website visitors how other real people actually benefited from your services or products. If you have a new business and don’t have many customers yet, just accurately describe your products, services and prices.

But if you’ve been in business for a while and have some happy customers who will allow you to tell their story, show photos of the work you did for them and they’ve given you a testimonial. You can make this page really shine.

First, tell new customers…

  • What you do.
  • Who you work for and if possible…
  • How much it costs.

Below is an example of the first paragraph in your products and services page. I hope it gives you a better idea of how to write your Products and Services page:

I fit carpets and wooden block flooring. Most of my customers are home owners and buy to let landlords but I’ve also fitted flooring for local businesses such as pubs, hotels and offices. My prices range from £7 per square meter for cheap durable carpets to over £100 per square meter for high quality solid Oak flooring.

Your homepage will have a brief description of your services, but this page is just about your services so you can go into more detail. On this page you could list several services or products that you sell.

A good way to write the content for this page is to tell the story of three typical customers.


Example of a customer story:

Having just bought her first home, Claire wanted to make it look more modern. Claire contacted me and asked for a quote for wood panel flooring. I took several samples for Claire to look at and see if the colour matched her furniture. I explained about cleaning and maintenance of wood panel flooring and the different prices and quality available.

Claire chose the flooring she wanted for her lounge. But Lucy, Claire’s mum, was so impressed with the quality and price that she offered to pay for the rest of the apartment to be fitted out before Claire moved in.

You can see the before and after photos in the image gallery below.

(You could put a photo gallery of before and after photos from Claire’s apartment here. BUT! Make sure you get permission first.)

Can you get a testimonial?

If you can get a testimonial to go with each story and image gallery, that’s even better.

In an ideal world each testimonial would also have…

  • A small photo of the person giving the testimonial.
  • A YouTube video of them saying the words in person.
  • Maybe even their email address so people could contact them to verify the testimonial.

In reality this is almost impossible to get. So if a customer gives you a short quote, thank them kindly they’ve done you a big favour. They’re also risking their own reputation by recommending you, don’t let them down :-)

Try get testimonials that describe a definite benefit such as “I got exactly what I wanted at the price quoted” not vague “he’s a nice bloke I like him”.

Never try pressurize customers in to giving you a testimonial. With Facebook, social media and rating websites, unhappy customers can soon make sure the world and his wife know exactly how they feel.

Claire and her mum Lucy
Claire and her mum Lucy

Example testimonial:
“Fred did a great job. His quote was accurate and the flooring was in perfect condition when he finished, no scuffs or scratches. Fred is friendly but professional, we’d recommend him to anyone.” Lucy and Claire.

No before and after photos?

What if you offer a service such as training? You could tell a story of how one of your customers learned a new skill that helped them to get a better job or start their own business etc. You could have photos of you and your customer side by side, working at the computer or you in a classroom environment etc.

Try get as close as you can to making your customers feel like they were actually there. Use text, photos and video to do this. Many mobile phones can make videos that you can upload to YouTube. You can then embed the YouTube video in your web page.

Start collecting photos and testimonials now!

If you have a new business and don’t have many customers yet, just accurately describe the services you offer or products you sell. But start collecting customer stories, before and after photos and testimonials now. They’ll help your website and your business grow.



Customer’s really do want to know what it costs. Here are some suggestions for writing about your prices.

  • I operate a menu pricing structure, this is my price list:
  • A job like this… would cost…:
  • Some typical prices are…:
  • My prices are low, this is why:
  • Or. The work I do is specialised and highly skilled, my prices reflect the quality and exclusivity of the end product:
  • Or. I can’t give ball park figures, every job I do is different but my prices are above/in-line-with/below the average in my field:

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