How to write your homepage

On this page you’ll discover how to write your homepage content for a small creative, consulting or freelance business. Make sure visitors can see who you are, what you do, exactly who you help and why they should choose you rather than your competitor. And don’t forget to add links to your services and contact pages.

How to write your homepage content if you’re using a Magazine style theme

If you’re using a magazine or agency style theme, your homepage text will be made up of snippets of text taken from your other web pages. You don’t need to write any text specifically for the homepage.

How to write your homepage if you’re using a simple web page for the homepage

In your headline target your client base…

“Small business owner”

In your subheading tell them how you can help them…

Do you want to attract more clients?

If you have a nice photo or image that is relevant to your message, you could put it here.



In your first paragraph go into more details backing up or proving the claim you made in your headline and sub heading.

For-instance, a graphic designer who had included an image of a successful flyer could write something like this…

The flyer shown above brought in an extra 6% of business for Hudson’s Furnishing this May. The cost of designing, printing and distributing the flyers was £627.36. Howard Hudson told us they made £3256 more than the same month last year after distributing the flyers. This was especially good news because in previous months, the year on year sales had been slightly down.

Hudson’s Furnishing believe our graphic design services more than pay for themselves. And we believe you will too.

Tell them what to do next

Why not view some more customer stories on our portfolio page?

Looking professional is important. Especially to a new or start-up business. The first impression a client gets of your business could be your website, flyer or business card. If they’re impressed with what they see, they might read your headline and first couple of paragraphs. If they get this far there’s a chance the prospective client will read more, learn more and look at examples of your work. You could be in the process of signing up a new client.

A few nice photos make your site look more appealing

In days gone by, most people would look at your headline. If the headline was good, and targeted the reader, most would read on. Nowadays the saying is, “visual is the new headline”. If your web page doesn’t look appealing and have a good headline, it’s unlikely to get read.

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